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Auditions for Winterglow, the original musical by Athens native, Claire Thompson, will be held December 19th and 20th at 6:30 pm at The Classic Center.

Please prepare a one minute monologue and 16 bars of song with accompaniment on cd or a personal device.

Rehearsals will occur during January and half of February for a one-night-only performance at The Morton Theater on February 16th 2019. Cast members will be paid for their performance.

Character breakdowns:
Lili – 70’s-80’s, theatre actress- triple threat, vast array of emotions, child of the roaring twenties
Young Lili – 20’s, theatre actress, child in the roaring twenties
Jack – Lili’s husband, appears in 20’s and 50’s, would like to use the same actor for both, wholesome, “dashing, handsome, Robert Taylor look-alike”
Yvette – 30’s-40’s, Lili and Jack’s daughter, Stan’s ex-wife- left poor and bitter, single mom of 2
Max – 80’s-90’s, Stan’s father, old friend of Lili and Jack’s, Temper Tantrum Titan, Lili’s new love interest
Stan – 30’s-40’s, Max’s son, Yvette’s ex-husband, slimy, manipulative, physically and mentally abusive
Kate – 40’s-50s, Max’s daughter, Stan’s sister, manipulative
Marian – 40’s-50s, Max’s daughter, Stan’s sister, manipulative
Child 1 – Yvette and Stan’s daughter, aged 12-16
Child 2 – Yvette and Stan’s son, aged 8-12

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