Rose of Athens Theatre Academy

“Teaching Life Skills Through Stage Skills”

For Grades 3-12th

Stage skills activate: Concentration, cooperation/collaboration, imagination, listening, expression, discipline, speech, trust and empathy.


Our Staff of professional actors, directors, theatre teachers and technicians are highly skilled at what they do, offering students the best training available in the Southeast. But they are also people who care deeply about young people and are passionately committed to sharing with them the joy and craft of theatre.

Note from the Producing Artistic Director

Essential to our mission statement is our youth programming.  Our Academy reaches into the fundamental workings of our organization. We celebrate our students and student volunteers. We rely on them to make our community better and to take that positive leadership to other communities, too!
-Lisa Cesnik Ferguson, Producing Artistic Director


Rose of Athens Theatre’s teaching philosophy is inspired by our sister program at the Springer Opera House in Columbus, GA. Ron Anderson’s teaching philosophy “teaching life skills through stage skills” and curriculum structure is reflected in Rose of Athens Theatre’s Academy classes.
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