Fall Touring Production-Romeo & Juliet


WHAT: A staged production of Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare, followed by a short talk back with students. For middle school and high school students and adults. There are 5-9 performers in this production.
• Includes a free Georgia Performance Standards study guide to assist with teacher lesson plans.
• Includes a ten-minute talk-back directly following the performance (a question and answer session) with the cast and crew.
Show Length: One Act – Approx. 50 Minutes
WHERE: Anywhere in Georgia and beyond. For schools that are more than 30 miles from Athens there is an additional charge for gas.
WHEN: On tour September-December 2017
TIME: Flexible-Will tour during school day, possibly on the weekend.
COST: $7 per student/audience member. A minimum of 130 audience members*
*If you are hoping to serve a smaller amount of students, we are happy to serve – the minimum cost to tour to your school is $900 for the performance and talk back.
REQUIREMENTS: A space large enough for a set. Lighting & Sound equipment are ideal, but not required.

If you would like more information, fill out our online reservation request form or email booking@roseofathens.org.