Frankenstein Lives TOUR-2010


Frankenstein Lives!

Touring October 1, 2010- March 4, 2011

Rose of Athens Theatre is Essential to our Community

 Rose of Athens Theatre is hitting the road with a touring show this season! The company is presenting a beautiful rendition of authoress Mary Shelley’s life and her timeless novel Frankenstein; or the Modern Prometheus. Frankenstein Lives by Douglas Jones captures audience’s imaginations. At the tender age of eighteen, Mary Shelley wrote a story so compelling that it has never been out of print.  Surrounded by exciting breakthroughs in electricity, chemistry, magnetism and other scientific fields, she imagined a Creature pieced together from dead bodies–then brought to life, only to be shunned by its creator. Frankenstein Lives chronicles Mary’s life leading up to the book that made her famous; the literary world that surrounded her; the contest proposed by Lord Byron that inspired her to write Frankenstein; and the startling resonances between her own life and her literary creation.  In this story within a story, one actor portrays the obsessed poet Percy Shelley and the equally obsessed Victor Frankenstein; one actress portrays the young tormented Mary Shelley, and the equally tormented Creature. The result is a new take on a story you only thought you knew.” (Courtesy of The cast includes Danielle Bailey Miller as Mary Shelley/The Creature and Jeremy Miller as Percy Shelley/Victor Frankenstein, Directed by Lisa Cesnik Ferguson, Lighting and Set Design by Gina Hawkins, Costume Design by Tonya Gergely.

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Frankenstein Lives is available for booking October 1, 2010-March 4, 2011. It’s the perfect show to see for Halloween in October and all the way into Women’s History month in March. The production will tour to your school, theatre or civic center and is available for public performance bookings. Tickets are $6.00 for students, teachers and chaperones. The production is appropriate for 7th grade and up. To book your show for Frankenstein Lives, email, call 706-340-9181 or visit their website at


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