Support arts for all by donating to Rose of Athens Theatre, Athens’ first and only 501c3 professional theatre. Your donation is tax exempt and guaranteed to support crucial programming for thousands.

Your donation Rose of Athens Theatre is a necessary ingredient of our growth and service. Through school performances at Seney Stovall Chapel, workshops in schools, and Academy classes our students are integrated into everything that we do.




Rose of Athens Theatre is a nonprofit501c3 arts organization, and as such we rely on community support to provide our services to Athens’ youth. Your donation will provide low cost and free classes, workshops and performances to all.

Every donation, no matter the size, helps us enrich the lives of the youth of our community with opportunities for artistic expression.

SHAKESPEAREAN BULLDOGS AUCTION fundraiser makes our service through the arts possible!

Click the picture to see the other 5 dogs, which you may bid upon!

“Custom cannot stale our infinite variety!”  Who but Rose of Athens Theatre has these lush and saucy paintings by artist Emily Hogan up for auction? Shakespearean leading lady…bulldogs….?  Don’t miss this unique opportunity to bid here qne give the crucial gift of performing arts to a child.
Contact for more information.

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