Shakespeare Bulldog Auction

Rose of Athens Theatre Artist Emily Hogan has created these saucy ‘Shakespearean Bulldog’ paintings. You can bid now! Opening bid is $100. Email to bid OR attend one of our upcoming performances to see the art in person. View the gallery of images. Each Shakespeare-dawg is below.

You can also bid on facebook. Click here for another great look at all the painting, and a rare snapshot of beautiful artist, Emily Hogan, who generously donated this art!

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Cleopatra:  “Age cannot wither her, not custom stale her infinite variety.” (Antony and Cleopatra 2.2)

Desdemona: “So sweet was ne’er so fatal” (Othello 5.2)

Gertrude:  “. . . my most seeming-virtuous queen.” (Hamlet 1.5)

Juliet:  “Believe me, love, it was the nightingale.” (Romeo and Juliet 3.5)

Lady Macbeth:  “The raven himself is hoarse that croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan under my battlements.” (Macbeth 1.5)

Ophelia:“There’s rosemary, that’s for rememberance; pray, love, remember…” (Hamlet 4.5)

The Weird Sisters: “Something wicked this way comes” (Macbeth 4.1)


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